Kraken's Game 2 Loss to the Stars: Wake-Up Call for the Team

The Kraken suffered a Game 2 loss to the Stars on Thursday night, prompting discussions on how the team can improve. In contrast to the first round of the playoffs, the Kraken's split in Games 1 and 2 against the Stars was a complete reversal of fortune. The team played lackluster hockey and barely pressured Stars goalie Jake Oettinger. The Kraken also took too many unnecessary penalties, showing signs of fatigue.

To improve, the Kraken need to win at home and stay out of the penalty box. They also need to generate more offense and be more aggressive. The power play needs work, as it is currently not posing a significant threat. However, goalie Philipp Grubauer looked strong despite facing a barrage of shots from the Stars. While some may nitpick his performance, the context of the game shows that Grubauer did an admirable job in the face of relentless pressure.

In addition, the Kraken need to focus on maintaining their heavy forecheck and relentless physical and mental focus on the task at hand. They also need to improve their breakouts and slow the Stars down through the neutral zone.

The team now has two days off, which comes at a good time for them to rest up and iron out some issues in practice before trying again at home. While the adage "a series doesn't begin until someone loses at home" may hold true, it is contingent on home-ice advantage being a real advantage. The Kraken have already kicked off the series twice on time, but they need to use this time to recalibrate and get back to what won them the Colorado series.

Overall, the Kraken's loss to the Stars in Game 2 was a wake-up call for the team. While they may have been fortunate to split in the first two games, they need to improve their performance if they hope to win the series.

As the playoffs progress, it is critical for the Kraken to maintain their energy and focus. They have shown that they are capable of playing at a high level, as seen in their performance against the Avalanche in the first round. However, they need to consistently bring that level of play to each game if they want to continue advancing in the playoffs.

Ultimately, the Kraken have the potential to bounce back and perform well in the upcoming games. With Grubauer in goal and a talented team in front of him, they have the tools necessary to win. However, they need to address the issues that led to their loss in Game 2 and come out strong in their next game at home.

It will be crucial for the Kraken to come out with a strong start in their next game and take control of the momentum early on. They cannot afford to let the Stars dominate the game and take advantage of the Kraken's mistakes.

In addition, the Kraken must make the most of their power play opportunities and convert them into goals. With the power play struggling in recent games, it is important for the team to find ways to create more scoring chances and capitalize on their opponents' mistakes.

Overall, the Kraken have a tough road ahead of them as they face off against the Stars in the playoffs. However, with hard work, determination, and focus, they have the potential to come out on top and continue advancing in the playoffs.

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